The 45-120
Author: Steve L Carpenter

50-90 Sharps

The Big Fifty, a fifty caliber Sharps cartridge with a 2 1/2 inch case and holding up to 100 grains of Black Powder. Introduced in 1872 for the purpose of supplying the Buffalo Hunters with a more powerful cartridge than was currently available. The cartridge would gain fame as the Big Fifty mainly because it had a longer case and held more powder than did the 50-70. The 50-70, called the 50 Gov., had a 1 3/4 inch case so you could possibly refer to it as the Little Fifty? I believe it was a logical step to refer to the 50-90 as the Big Fifty. In this book I present information on equipment, reloading components and load data for Black Powder and Smokeless Powder.

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