The 45-120
Author: Steve L Carpenter
Reloading and Shooting the biggest and best of the Black Powder 45 cal Cartridges.

The 45-120 This Black Powder Cartridge may well be the most versatile and powerful 45 caliber black powder cartridge ever made. If hunting is your interest, this cartridge can deliver nearly one and a half tons of muzzel energy. If your interest is sport or fun shooting, the cartridge can be loaded down to give hours of shooting fun for almost anyone. When combined with one of the great breech loaders like the 1874 Sharps, the 3 1/4 inch long case can make for some great fun. Just to show and display this combination can bring out some fun conversation.
    Hunting can include a 500 grain bullet at 1280 fps or kick it up to 1500 fps with a 560 grain bullet.
    The book also covers many other aspects in reloading and shooting the 45-120, including the challenges faced in bullet seating in this long case.
    Recoil from the 45-120 is moderate in the hunting field and I personally don't find it a problem. I never found the recoil to be anywhere near some of the story's about it.

    Users of smokeless powder, jacketed bullets, and paper patched bullets will want to check out volume II. The 45-120 gets taken into the modern smokeless era. The 45-120 can have something to offer many kinds of shooters. Black powder is also included in volume II.
We use the 45-120 because we want to not because we have to. Hunting with the 45-120 is an experience to remember for those with the determination and desire.
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